Dragon Tiles II: The Tournament

Dragon Tiles II: The Tournament is a sequel to the original Dragon Tiles and like that game it is a mahjong solitaire game like Shanghai. The objective of the game is to remove tiles from a stack by matching tiles with the same emblem. Only tiles that have an empty place at either their left or right side can be removed. The main difference from the original game is that it’s not only possible to remove two tiles at a time but also sets of four, six or eight tiles. The more tiles that are removed at a time the more points will the player earn. Another difference from the first game is that the play field is larger than the screen size which means that the display scrolls when the mouse cursor is moved.

The game consists of 75 levels and space for 25 more that can be created with a built-in level editor. The appearance of the game can be customized with different tile types: crystal, stone, wood and copper. There are also different emblem sets to choose from: the ones from the original game, as well as flags, runes, Chinese symbols and cards.


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