Dragon’s Pyramids

Dragon’s Pyramid is a Dragon Tiles clone, 100% Freeware, developed with Blitz2 and published by Bouhaben Thierry in 1996.

Bouhaben was not satisfied with the Shanghai and Dragon Tiles because the first one was pretty cool but only allow one pyramid to be resolved and the second one didn’t have a timer option and he didn’t like the selection of the tiles. So he decided to code a new one including the best of this two games.

The rules are rather simple: you must click on two tiles that match (same symbol) and these two tiles must have at least one side free (no other tiles at the left or the right of the tile chosen). You can take it at any level of the pyramid and will win the game if you have matched together all the tiles (no tiles remaining). If you can’t play a move, then you’ll have to restart or try a new pyramid.

There are two game options: Solitary and Challenge. Select Solitary when you want to play one pyramid at a time. You can select the pyramid you want and a time (or not) to resolve it. Challenge option will let you choose one of the 3 challenges available and you have to try to finish them before you run out of time!


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