Nazo Ou Pocket

This is a WonderSwan version of Nazo Ou released for the PlayStation in 1996. Although the title says Pocket, the software is on par with the PlayStation version and the number of questions in the quiz is the same as the PlayStation version, with a total of 5000 questions..

What’s more, Nazo Ou Pocket is more than just a port, it’s a bold remake of the game with the same system as the PlayStation version, but with a completely new scenario. This allows even those who played the PlayStation version to enjoy this game with a fresh perspective.

The quiz portion of the game is still supervised by 13-time quiz champion Takeshi Michizeta. Popular animator Kazuhiro Soeta (Ryu Knight from “Dynasty of Heroes” and “Record of Lodoss Island Wars”) has been used for the renewed character designs.


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