Nice On

The mechanism for golfing in this game is simple as it is classic. The players chibi avatar stands by the tee club aloft whilst a ‘power bar’ fluctuates up and down beside it. When the player presses a button the power bars movements will stop and how height the bar was will effect the distance of the shot. Before this the player may of course state the direction they’d like to hit the ball and where on it’s surface they would like to strike it. Hazards are or course a threat to the novice, such as sand traps, meddlesome trees, etc. The flight of the ball is shown in an overhead view.

Should you find endlessly teeing off with yourself a bit tedious you may use the Communication Cable to play with another human, or you may challenge the npc character. This veritable samurai of the rough, swarthily attired in a fly fishing hat, will critique your game as he putts against you.


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