Time Machine Magazine Subscription

Are you middle-aged and miss the fun of getting a new issue of your favourite computer magazine popping through your door each month? Maybe you’re a youngling, and have never known the excitement?

Or perhaps you don’t get time to read stuff any more, and think that a magazine each month is about all you can cope with.

Well, if this describes you, or someone you love, then the RAM OK ROM OK Time Machine Magazine Subscription Service is right up your street.

Please note:

These are old magazines, and will show the signs of being old. There may be tears, missing pages, and scribbles lovingly drawn on by a once excited child, who is now in their fifties with a mortgage.

None of the magazines come with any free gifts that are mentioned, though if I have stuff lying around, that I might throw in.

What you get:

You will get a random assortment of magazines from the early eighties to the early 2000’s and will mainly be multi-format magazines and ZX Spectrum magazines. Plus a few random oddities, such as Tatung Einstein User – who knows what you will get?

I have enough for ten people to get a years worth of magazines. I will send one a month, until you have 12. You will likely get more than one copy of the same magazine type, but never the exact same magazine.

Any questions, please email me on 1up – at – ramokromok – dot – com , or @ me on Mastodon.

Interested? click the button to buy: