3 2 1… Supercrash!
PSP Minis

3,2,1…SuperCrash! is the follow up to StormBasic’s earlier game Crash!! The most stupid race. Players take control of a man riding on a unicycle. The unicycle can be moved right and left and can be made to jump while the man himself can only move his arms. Each of the man’s arms can be moved independently of each other. The arm’s can be held out stretched to the center or be bent either up or down. The main goal of the game is to get through various obstacle courses. The main obstacles are walls cut out with human shaped figures. The player has to make the man match the pose of these holes in the wall in order to get through them without crashing. Other obstacles include things such as barriers which need to be jumped over, cows, mud slicks (impedes the player’s view of the play area), and even flying saucers. There are also stars scattered around the obstacle course which earn the player more points when they are collected.

The game is broken into two game modes. Tour mode lets the player compete at five different venues. Endless mode features five different obstacle course types which include Score Attack, Classic, Dodge, Turbo, and Mirror Effects.


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