3D Stunt Rider
Amstrad CPC

3D Stunt Rider is a single player game. The objective in this game is to jump a motorcycle over a number of double decker London buses in an attempt to set a world record.

The player has one minute to make their jump. In that minute they must complete the following stages of the jump:
The Approach – which involves accelerating through the gears and steer towards the middle of the ramp. This becomes more difficult at higher levels when side winds blow the bike off course
In the Air – the flight is viewed from a side-on perspective and the player can alter their flight by ‘leaning’ forwards or backwards
Landing – the final phase, success here depends upon the angle of approach
Points for a successful jump are awarded with a 1000 bonus for a successful landing.

The game is controlled via the keyboard or via the joystick


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