Aggres is a sequel to Zodiac. The search for the space archaeologist D. Dumas, who disappeared five years ago, has led the courier-turned-detective Boy and his assistant, the robotic Amaroid Marie, to a galactic megalopolis simply known as “The City”, where they hope to find answers regarding the mysterious disappearance.

Gameplay-wise, the game abandons the text adventure format of its predecessor and instead presents a set menu with verb commands (Examine, Talk, Move, etc.) that are used for combinations with on-screen characters and people to interact with the environment and advance the plot. There are also pseudo-3D areas that are navigated in a first-person dungeon crawler-like fashion. The game contains minor RPG elements such as the presence of four parameters of the main character (Skill, Emotion, Physical, and Operation) that may decrease or increase depending on the actions performed by the player.


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