Air Supremacy

Air Supremacy is a polygonal three-dimensional flight game by Superior Software released in North America in 1991.Published by Acorn-software for the Archimedes the game’s title refers to the a position in war where a side holds complete control of air warfare and air power over opposing forces. Along with games such as Repton,2, 3 Overdrive, Citadel, Thrust, Galaforce; Air Supremacy, with it’s advanced 3D Texture mapping and polygonial graphics flew Superior Software to the forefront of the Archimedes and BBC publishing scene.

Air Supremacy is a sort of cross between Zarch and Conqueror in that the player can fly in the air and move around on the ground as well. The object of each mission is to destroy all the enemy craft on each level. You start the game being the surface unit, however you can switch to the aircraft when you are on an airfield, and you can now start blowing up everything in your path.


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