Ankh: The Tales of Mystery

Ankh: The Tales of Mystery is a 3D point-and-click adventure game set in Cairo, Egypt, 500 BC. The player controls the boy Domi Rhadjif who is tasked by his father to help him out with a number of errands, even though there are a number of terrorists outside his house, anachronistically armed with automatic guns. Eventually Domi has to rescue a princess, deal with the god Osiris, and get rid of the Lybian terrorists. Despite the Egyptian setting there are numerous modern elements and items used for comical effect.

The game uses a classic point-and-click interface. The mouse is used to move around and actions (Use, Look, Pick up, Talk, Give, and Open) can be selected at the bottom of the screen. Domi can pick up various items and store them in an inventory, shown in the bottom right of the screen. It is possible to talk to NPCs and select from multiple dialogue options.


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