Apploon (a portmanteau of “apple” and “balloon”) is a simple arcade action game where the player controls a man at the bottom of the screen armed with a bow. A man at the top of the screen holds a supply of apples — he tosses them onto the playing field, and they bounce and roll towards the bottom of the screen. At the same time, men at the sides of the screen release balloons, which slowly float towards the top. The player must use his arrows to shoot these objects so that apples do not reach the bottom of the screen — apples are apparently deadly to this fellow — and balloons do not reach the top — three helium balloons are apparently enough to dislodge a girder and send it tumbling downwards. If the player can survive until the men at the sides run out of balloons, then destroy all remaining objects on the screen, the stage is cleared. If the player is hit by an apple, he will lose a life. There is both a single-player mode and a 2-player alternating mode.


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