Amstrad CPC

You are a treasure hunting diver called Skip and you are about to explore various Kingdoms belonging to Neptune to find treasures and rescue sailors and spongey creatures. The game is a maze game with the screen split into four sections and is viewed from the side with gaps in various places to move up or down the sections. The length of the mazes are a few screen lengths and the screen scrolls constantly when you move in that direction but there is a radar on the top showing the location of the creatures to avoid.

Moving along the sections are various creatures like sharks, octopi, fish, crabs and other creatures to avoid or shoot and if you touch one then you lose one of three lives. Neptune himself makes the occasional appearance and he needs six shots with your harpoon gun to remove him. The game has various levels and to complete a level you have to rescue a cute spongey creature and a sailor before your air runs out, shown by a gauge at the bottom of the screen. Mermaids and a Pearl can also be collected for bonus points.


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