The country of Babylon was once a thriving community, enjoying peace and prosperity. However, all that changed when monsters invaded the land. Eventually, the entire population was wiped out and Babylon became an enclosed area no one dared to enter. Only one brave adventurer traveled to Babylon in an attempt to destroy the evil that dominated it.

Babylon is a side-view action game with light platforming and role-playing elements. The game takes place across interconnected screens, often arranged in maze-like patterns, with vertical shafts that required climbing, dropping down, or jumping over chasms. The jump key is also used for attacking, which requires gaining momentum and repeatedly “bumping” into the enemy. There are no experience points or any type of currency, but defeating enemies may yield healing potions or better weapons and armor. These items can also be found in the numerous treasure rooms found in the game. The player is given considerable freedom as to which area to explore first, but many areas are initially blocked, requiring the player to procure a key or return with better equipment in order to defeat a stronger enemy guarding the location.


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