Bashi Blocks
PSP Minis

Bashi Blocks™ – Make your Own Levels, Make Your Own Game! With ninety game levels to play through, huge end of zone bosses and several game modes to choose from including customized arcade tournaments, players of all ages are guaranteed hours of endless fun!

The unique built-in game editor offers unlimited level design possibilities; you can even structure your own game tournament!

– 90 Levels of goal scoring, block breaking fun.

– Special level features including animated blocks, exploding blocks, shield blocks, invisible blocks and deadly 3D defender enemies.

– 10 challenging end of zone bosses to defeat.

– Level Editor to build your own levels. Up to 100 user created levels can be stored.

– Tournament Mode allows you to create your own unique tournaments using game levels or your own levels.

– Special Power-Ups & Super Power-Ups to help (or hinder) you on the way to the goal, including lasers, bombs, flaming power balls and multiple balls and bats.

– A wealth of secrets to unlock.


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