Bob Morane: Jungle 1
Amstrad CPC

Bob Morane, hero of the Francophone series of adventure novels and comic books, parachutes into the South American jungle near the ruins of an Inca sanctuary at the foot of the Andes. Guide Bob through the hostile rainforest and labyrinthine ruins, help him stop his mortal enemy – the Yellow Shadow – from laying his dirty hands on the ancient treasure buried within, and free his friend Bill Ballantine who’s being held prisoner on the premises.

Much like Iznogoud, Sidewalk and Bob Morane: Chevalerie 1, the action is confined to a small viewport and your hero can traverse the static screens in two dimensions, right to left or front to back. You’ll have to overcome gigantic jungle beasts, enemy agents, and strange mechanical devices that resemble nothing in particular; fortunately, you can keep track of their locations using your “magneto-thermal detector”, and fend them off with your trusty knife or with a bundle of dynamite (also useful for clearing away stubborn walls and blockages).


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