Break 147 & Superpool

A Snooker and Pool simulator game.

Break 147 is a snooker simulation. Upon loading you can choose which type of game you want. Demo mode in which 2 computer players will play against each other, Practice mode which is self explanatory, Match mode is a proper competitive match against the computer and finally in the tournament mode you play a different player in each round. The aim is to try and beat them all and get to the final and become the overall winner. With the single match mode and tournament mode, any of the opposition can be replaced by human opponents instead of the computer, so you can have up to 16 different people playing in the tournament if you so wish.

Superpool is basically the same as Break 147 but instead of a game of snooker you play pool. The game set up is the same with Demo mode , Single match, and the Tournament mode, as with Break 147 the official rules of the game are followed, and it is played on the same table as before just with a different set of balls. The sound effects, the style of gameplay and everything else is the same.


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