Buffers Evolution

In a post-apocalyptic future a gambling syndicate seeks to make a quick buck in the gritty remains of earth. By fusing the best of animal and mechanical traits they create three bestial androids from a bird, a lion, and a rhinoceros. Bets are taken and then the robots are loosed into hostile mazes of scrap metal on old earth. Maybe they’ll even make it back alive…

The goal of BUFFERS EVOLUTION is to run through a course while collecting ten parts in the best time possible. The courses are large and vary between jungle scenes, deserts, old factories, and general mechanical wastes. These areas are cased in by electricity to stop the contests from escaping and thereby ruining the entertainment of the masses. This will keep you in the bounds of the course. With the press of a button your character will momentarily turn into a ‘buffer’, a sharp pisiform metallic object, while being a buffer you can destroy enemies by slamming into them, this will often bounce you in a given direction, which is useful for reaching high ledges.

Gameplay is reminiscent of Sonic the Hedghog although in those games you race against a countdown while here you are merely trying to get good times.


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