Bug Hunter and Moon Dash

Bug Hunter / Moon Dash is a collection of two games on one disk, both previously unreleased.

In Bug Hunter the player takes control of Hysteron Proteron, a being that was designed by bio engineers to be a strong, intelligent and loyal super soldier able to take out entire armies. Things didn’t go right however. After a DNA mixup they instead ended up with a tiny spineless and two legged creature hardly capable of harming any creature. So rather than having it fighting on the battlefields it was decided that it should instead be used for insect extermination. The game is a puzzle platformer. Hysteon Proteron has sucker feet that allows it to walk on walls and ceilings but lacks any weapons. Instead it has to pick up objects that it has to drop onto the insects. If it comes into contact with the insects the player loses one of three lives. Once all insects are dead the player leaves the level and moves on to the next.

Moon Dash takes place in the year 4244 where human colonists have been in war with the alien race known as the Judhs for many years. The player is transporting a PR 64 planet ranger to the capital when numerous alien ships appear above him. The objective of the game is to drive the PR 64 through 16 zones until reaching the city. The game is side scrolling and the player drives his vehicle on the ground while alien space ships try to crash into him from above. While trying to avoid being hit the player can use his turret to shoot back at the aliens. At the same time he has to jump over various obstacles on the ground.


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