Bug Hunter in Space

Bug Hunter in Space is a sequel to the original Bug Hunter game. Once again the player controls the Hysteron Proteron which this time is sent to deal with a fleet of alien space crafts. Each craft consists of a number of levels in which the player has to kill all the aliens before entering a teleport to move to the next one. If the craft is flying it is also necessary to shut down its engines and on the last level of each craft the player has to trigger the craft’s reactor and escape before it blows up.

The game plays largely the same as its predecessor but it features larger scrolling levels. The Hysteron Proteron has no weapons (except for some that can be picked up at certain locations) but can walk on walls and ceilings and pick up certain objects. These objects have to be dropped on the aliens to kill them. Additionally it’s possible to jump and activate devices but only when not carrying an object. The player has three lives and one is lost upon making contact with an alien.


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