Catch 23
Amstrad CPC

The CK23 is a plane that can take off and land like an ordinary plane, but can fly into space and orbit the earth for weeks on end. When it’s ready it can swoop back to the earth destroying all in it’s path. It’s Development site is on a highly guarded mountainous deserted island surrounded by minefields, electric fences and numerous vehicle and foot patrols. The major problem is that it belongs to your enemy. You have been parachuted in (where you land is down to the wind) to enter the heart of the development complex, take the blueprints to the plane and set a time delay detonator in the nuclear reactor. You have eight hours till sunrise to complete your mission.

Armed with your gun and explosives you travel on foot but can take a shuttle between villages to explore the island. Although the residents of the island have been evacuated there is a resistance movement which consists of 17 scientists who each are hiding in buildings on their own. They communicate with computer terminals and have a plan to wreck the development complex. You must search the buildings in each village to find these people who will assist you in your mission.

Catch 23 is a 3D game viewed from a 1st person perspective showing the outlines of the buildings. You can use a joystick or keyboard to control your character to move about and complete other tasks.


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