Champion ProWres Special

Champion ProWres Special is an arcade wrestling game for one or two player simultaneously. There is a choice of eight wrestlers, each with a different look and a different set of moves. They resemble contemporary American and Japanese wrestlers but are unlicensed (e.g. H. Hogen, A. Giant). Characters can be moved in eight directions and three buttons are used to execute the moves. The game takes place in a large ring with a referee, but it is also possible throw out a wrestler at the bottom and continue fighting below. The referee will start a countdown then and the wrestlers have twenty seconds to get back in the ring. A single round takes three minutes.

The wrestlers can brawl with a large amount of moves, from kicks and punches to holds, pins, throws, piledrivers, hurtling an opponent into the ropes to make them run into an elbow and so on. Wrestler health is shown through coloured pain waves the wrestlers radiate when they are down. Yellow waves usually refer to a short stun, while red ones are dangerous as they can lead to a game-ending pin as the referee counts down. There is a score system and three circles near the top of the screen are used to keep track of the standings over different rounds.


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