Championship Golf
Amstrad CPC

Championship Golf is a strategy game that allows you to manage a career as a golfer from amateur to professional by entering tournaments and making as much money as you can to be World Number One. After entering your name you are presented with a number of options which include, looking at your bank balance which starts at £20000 with the option to mortgage your house or get a loan, you can also look at any offers for sponsorships. Practising allows you to practise various shots from putting, driving, bunker, chipping or practise round and you have ten hours to spread between the shots. Once you are happy with your options you can select your next tournament.

You have the choice of two tournaments, a major or a minor with the expenses and prize money different and also the standards of the other golfers. Once a tournament is selected you can then hire a caddy and coach and also select your hotel from a B&B to a five star hotel. You watch your golfer and his partner now play two rounds of golf with each hole shown on the whole screen from above and your progress through the tournament. After two rounds you can see if you have qualified fro the final two rounds or if it is time to go home. During a tournament you can go to the bookies and bet on other golfers.

After your tournament you see the results and your bank statement and hopefully you made more money. The world rankings can be seen to chart your progress, then it’s back to practising, selecting sponsors before selecting your next tournament.


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