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Mutant worms have invaded the cabbage patch and are out to get the caterpillars. As they chase you, they lay eggs which unless you eat them first, will hatch into more worms.

The only chance you have is to frantically speed around the garden, in and out of the swinging gates and outwit the pursuing worms.

If the green/blue eggs are eaten when blue, they are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Collect nine for an extra life.

If “M”s are eaten when red, the multiplier at the bottom of the screen is increased and your score is increased by this number.

If egg in the centre of the screen is eaten, the swinging gates lock and four flies are released but, as a bonus, your multiplier is increased.

Skulls are lethal.

Cabbages score 10 points

Red eggs laid by worms score 10 points

Green/blue eggs score 100 points


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