City Slicker
Amstrad CPC

The object of the game is to defuse a bomb which has been planted in the Houses of Parliament by ‘Abru’ and which has been timed to go off at midnight. To defuse the bomb, there is a special M.O.D. gadget called a B.D.U. or Bomb Disassembly Unit which has to be put together by ‘Slick’ in order that he can rescue this perilous situation. The B.D.U. parts are scattered all over London and ‘Slick’ doesn’t even know how many parts to collect. To build the B.D.U. he must take the components to his hideaway which is cleverly disguised in the Houses of Parliament. When the device has been completed. It will automatically change into a portable B.D.U. which ‘Slick’ can carry around with him and use In the Houses of Parliament to complete his vital task.


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