Cobra is not quite as bad as in this horror scenario – but almost! In the first stage you can see an old man standing on a bridge and throwing like a boomerang thing at you. Every touch with the thing costs energy. However, the fact that it is almost impossible to avoid them gives the game the very special charm that can even rip the eyes out of the most intrepid black belt carrier…

If you can beat the rabid pensioner, you land again on a bridge, but in a bonus level. This is not a fight. Instead, the hero must bend hard and capture as many flying fish as possible. This sounds so simple and is (again) so incredibly difficult, that one could become a vegetarian. You have to catch a certain number of raft fishies within a short period of time, otherwise you can start again from the beginning!

The remaining sections offer other opponents, like punks and a domino with whip, but in terms of playability they are all in agreement. We were also in agreement: Despite satisfactory graphics, solid sound, a lot of striking techniques (fist blow, foot sweep, gauntlet, etc.), Cobra is not a winner!


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