Cohort II

The Roman Empire spawned a fair amount of nutters and geniuses in its time, all of whom would be shocked by this interpretation of how their legions fought. This strategic recreation of Roman military combat thoroughly grinds several centuries of their research training and refining firmly into the dirt.

There are 16 preset scenarios which pit differing numbers of troops against each other over various types of terrain. These are designed to force you to vary your tactics but in reality you just end up sending in your different units at different times. When a group meets some opposition they all tend to come to a stop even if only one unit is actually fighting. This means that you have to issue a separate set of orders to each unit which is not only time consuming, but very boring. The combat itself seems extremely unrealistic. For instance a heavily armoured cavalry group can take ages to dispose of a few units of poorly equipped infantry.

This is an extremely shoddy package which looks as though it was chucked together on a wet weekend. A double thumbs down and no mistake.


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