Conflict: Middle East

Another in the continuing series of war games fostered by SSI, Conflict: Middle East concentrates on an area previously only touched on by games in the genre. Specifically, the ongoing tumultuous conflict between Israel and the Arab states sets the scene for this narrowly focused look at the 1973 Yom Kippur War. In a genuinely innovative move, the designers also include a “what if” scenario that presupposes an early 1990’s full blown attack by the Arabs in an attempt to eliminate the Israelis. The game is a solid effort in many areas and provides experienced gamers with a challenging test of strategic planning and theater command skills. Novice war gamers would be advised to put this one on hold until they’ve had time to work up a solid understanding of turn-based, hex-based war games and can sort out the intricacies and overwhelming potential of excruciatingly detailed and complex scenarios. If nothing else, Conflict: Middle East requires, at a minimum, veteran war gamers to plumb the depths of game play.


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