Commodore 64

Contact is a dice rolling game. The game is played with six dice and the goal is to score 5000 points in a turn. The player scores points for any “counters” that are rolled. Counters are ones, fives or “three of a kind”. The player may continue rolling until either the player wishes to stop or a roll features no one, five or three of a kind. In the latter case the player loses all points for the current turn. When rolling again, counters the player chooses to keep are not re-rolled. To make things more interesting there’s some special rules, such as throwing a straight on the first roll of a turn instantly winning the game. A three of a kind with twos on the first roll allows the player to have another first roll (and thus throwing all dice again). Having all six dice as a counter at any time also allows the player to have another first roll again; this is called “Contact”. The first player to earn 5000 points wins.

Published in the book “Commodore 64 – Fun and Games Vol. 2”.


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