Cosmic Soldier

The year is 3530 AD. The KGD (an obvious nod to the developer Kogado) Star System has fallen into the clutches of the evil Quila Empire. The hero of the game is a soldier of the Galactic Alliance who receives a mission to infiltrate a Quila base with his companion, a beautiful female android, and eventually defeat the enemy.

Cosmic Soldier is an early Japan-made RPG, which still mostly follows the Wizardry template, being a dungeon crawler with first-person navigation. Random enemy encounters lead to simple turn-based battles, graphically displayed at the top of the screen. The player cannot assign individual commands to the party members, but is able to choose various types of elemental attacks, which have different effects on different enemies.

An original gameplay element is the ability to have short conversation with some enemies. It is possible to convince the enemy to join the party; this feature predates the famous demon conversations from Megaten games.


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