County Cricket
Amstrad CPC

County Cricket gives you the chance to manage an English County Cricket side over a number of seasons trying to win the title as well as cups. Unlike normal county cricket where the games take a couple of days to play, the matches are limited overs which you can select from 40 to 60 overs. After seeing the fixtures and your next match, you are presented with a number of options to help you win the game. You can select your team from a squad of players, train the team at various aspects of the game and finally look at any youth team players ready for the step up to the men’s team. After you are happy with your selection you decide heads or tails to find out if you are batting or bowling. When you are bowling you select one of your players to bowl and you decide how attacking or defensive your field placings are. When batting you decide how aggressive or defensive the batsman should play. The match itself shows you every ball being played and how the game is progressing, and you can make tactical changes after every over. Once the game has finished and the result is given you then prepare for your next game.


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