Cranky Driller

Cranky has never been the most popular resident of Panictown. The other Playdates look down on him, probably because he has a drill instead of a crank.

Fortunately Cranky hates them too and takes his famous bad temper out on the town any time people aren’t looking. (Are those drill holes in the ‘Welcome to Panictown’ sign? Were those potholes there before Cranky went for his walk? Why has the golf course got more holes than usual?)

But for a change the residents of Panictown might need the troublemaker’s help. Giant pits have been appearing out of nowhere all over Europe, swallowing buildings and people with abandon.

Only a certain Playdate equipped with a drill can go down the pits and rescue the trapped citizens. Help Cranky chase the evil mastermind behind these disasters, the deranged 3D Playdate, through eight European cities, uncovering secrets and conspiracies as he goes.

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