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“The Playdate is a handheld gaming system, that is small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s yellow, features a black and white screen, had a D-Pad, 2 action buttons. Oh, and a wind-up crank.

The crank doesn’t power the device – it’s a rotational gameplay input device! Like the paddle on the Atari VCS. But crank instead.

Each week, on a Monday, a new game will appear on your system, and according to Panic, “Some are short, some long, some are experimental, some traditional. All are fun.”

## Emul
System | Emulator | Notes
:- | – | –
Mac OS | [Developers Kit]( | The Playdate Devkit will feature an emulator

*Emulator information last updated 18th April 2020*
## Tech
**Name** | Playdate
:- | –
**Origin** | United States
**Processor** | ARM based STMicroelectronics STM32F746NG
**Developed by** | Panic Inc, Teenage Engineering
**Memory** | 16MB RAM
**Display Output** | Built-in 2.7-inch Sharp Memory screen
**Display Size** (pixels) | 400 x 240
**Colours** | Monochrome
**Audio** | via Speaker or via Headphone jack
**Storage** | 2GB Flash storage, Games downloaded via WiFI
**Input** | Built-in D-Pad, Crank
**Cost** | Speculated to be $149
## Reso
* [Playdate official website](
* [Panic website](”

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