Crazy Seasons

Crazy Seasons is an arcade game about two cute penguin scientists who are working on a time machine on their space station when their computer crashes (poking fun at the Amiga’s “Guru Meditation” crash screen), which threatens to create a temporal anomaly and mixing up the Earth’s seasons. It is up to the two penguins to rearrange the blocks powering the time machine in order to avert the catastrophe.

The gameplay is very reminiscent of Taito’s Bubble Bobble and Parasol Stars: the penguins are respectively blue and green and move around single-screen levels defeating a variety of cute enemies which leave food and valuables behind when killed. The twist here is that the goal of each screen is not to clear every enemy, but rather to arrange four blocks bearing four distinct geometrical shapes in a specific pattern shown on the bottom of the screen, which changes for every level. The blocks are also the main weapon at the player’s disposal, as they can be pushed into enemies to defeat them. Occasionally, a bonus may appear which gives the penguins a gunman hat and revolver, to make dispatching the baddies easier. The game presents a boss fight every few levels, ranging to farm animals to dragons. Aside from the tunes composed specifically for the game, the music also includes 16-bit remixes of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, coherently with the game’s title and premise. In between the various seasons, the game offers a few entertaining cutscenes complete with slapstick comedy.


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