Crystal Dream

Angelo is a young man who had to leave his homeland and is now wandering the world, looking for adventure. One day he arrives in a town populated only by women. Brutal assassins attack the town, but Angelo swiftly deals with them. The head priestess of the town thanks him and explains that peace can be restored only if the two goddesses who protect the land will return. It appears that the goddesses were captured, so our hero decides to find them and bring them back.

Crystal Dream is a solo turn-based RPG with a very basic combat system. The entire game is viewed from first-person perspective. Navigation is performed by pressing directional arrow keys, which takes the player character from one still screen to another. At every screen, it is possible to “camp” (which opens inventory and equipment menu), as well as look around and talk to people – or attack if an enemy appears. There is also the possibility to directly have sex at any moment; naturally, the game will refuse to do that if a female character is not present (or not willing). Some women require certain items to be given to them. If all goes well, the player is rewarded with a still erotic picture of the girl.


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