Crystal Prison

Crystal Prison is an adventure game utilizing a text parser that takes place on an isolated island. Mike Morrow woke up surrounded by 6 people with no memories except for one: being beaten up by a criminal that was looking for a crystal. Before being able to answer any questions, he was injected by a doctor and fell asleep. Having lost all his memories, is there anyone whom Mike can really trust?

Players control Mike after waking up and find themselves in a villa. Any action is done by inputting text in Japanese or English. Mike can pick up and use objects and search his surroundings to find more items. Being an early adventure game, the game gives players too much freedom and is considered difficult due to the large amount of items the players can pick up and find no use for. There are numerous ways for the protagonist to die, such as being shot, stabbed, strangled, bitten by a dog, eaten by a shark, falling from the second floor.


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