Cup Football
Amstrad CPC

Cup Football is a managerial game where you select an European team from a choice of 40 and try to take them all the way to a final of a cup and win it. After selecting your team you are shown your group which consists of eight groups made up of five teams, where you must qualify to get to the knock-out stages. You are presented afterwards with your stats and various options which include Squad, Bank, Bet, Transfer Market and next match details. Your squad can be changed around to match a required formation and you can also train the players individually but these can make them worse as well as better. Bet allows you to bet on one of the upcoming matches and you have to predict the score. Transfer market allows you to look at various players that are available for buying as well as to sell players. Once you are happy with your selections you now watch the match in progress which is just text as a clock counts upwards and the major incidents are shown. You can make a sub or change tactics as the match is being played. After the game has finished you look at your expenses and your scout shows you the details of a player that can be brought as well as a team showing interest to buy one of your own players.


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