The object of the game is to guide your clown on a unicycle to the door at the far end of the level. Along the way you must dispose of as many of the invading balloons as you can whilst picking up a variety of collectable items.

There are two types of doors on the levels; the pink ones which are the level completion doors and the green ones which can transport you to later levels. If you want to see the whole game then ignore the green doors.

When playing the game you need to keep a look out for flags. These are markers and when you collect one of them this is the place you will be returned to on the level should you lose a life.

There are also lots of collectible items, most of which just increase your score, but some of them have special features – the marker flag being one. There are also extra lives, time increases and also shades which don’t appear to do anything other than make you look cool. There is also a selection of comedy noses to collect which give you extra powers.


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