D – Day
Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad version of D-Day takes the same approach as Futura’s other versions of D-Day by being a multi-genre game comprising of four different missions. While the idea of the missions are similar how they are done is different.

1. The plane missions have been replaced with missions from the Naval simulation game Advanced Destroyer Simulator.

2. Paratrooper – players select paratroopers one at a time and issue them orders as they contend with the wind. Orders include inclined flight to the left or right and accelerated or normal descent.

3. Infantry – In this part of the game, players take on the command of an allied infantry unit as they complete 20 missions in order to gain a strong position in enemy territory. The allied unit the player issues orders to consists of anywhere between 3 to 10 soldiers that are based on a French infantry units. The soldiers can use rifles, grenades, and can also use mortar fire to attack enemy fortifications, but they have to keep a careful eye on not wasting ammo as it can run out.

4. Tank – The missions are from Sherman M4.


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