D-Day: The Beginning of the End

At the end of 1941, the Third Reich was at the peak of its powers. Hitler’s greatest fear, though, was that a second front would be opened in Western Europe before he could completely subjugate the Russians. To prevent this he announced that he would be fortifying all 2,400 miles of the western coastline. And fortify he most certainly did, in fact we’re talking fortification on an almost fortificatious scale.

This Atlantic wall presented defiance to any who might think to challenge the Reich from the sea, but two and a half years later, the mightiest military force ever assembled for a single operation would do so. It was called Operation Overlord, it happened in a place called Normandy, and it was fueled by millions of cans of Spam.

And that is what this game is all about: you’ve got an entire Allied army with infantry, landing craft, artillery, tanks, and you can put them just about whenever you blummin’ will fancy!

The game is played in a number of turns, with you programming the moves and actions required, and then setting the game into action, sitting back and watching the outcome.
As is the norm in strategy games of the ‘board’ variety, each unit has a number of movement points, as well as a morale rating, which must be taken into consideration when issuing orders if you expect compliance.

So what can I say in summary? Well, it’s very clever and no mistakin’, but whether it’ll have you up all hours imagining the sound of panzer tracks in the still night air, I don’t know.


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