You play as a wizard tasked with lifting the curse on the village of Ecklespit. The game starts in the wizard’s house and you then leave to venture out into the surrounding landscape.

As you guide your wizard around the landscape he meets various characters with whom he can converse. These conversations can be sensible and help you quest or, if you want, you can be deliberately stupid and annoy the villagers. Although this is not advisable if you intend to complete the game, it can generate some interesting conversations.

The landscape is made up of various buildings which you can enter and search for items, speak with people and find clues to help you with your quest. Locations in the landscape include the village, island, mineshaft and abbey to name but a few. There are also a number of enemies who, if you come into contact with, will drain your energy. There are also a number of weather effects, and avoid the water as it means instant death.


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