Descent I and II

A 3D game where you fly a craft through all manner of twisting, complex mazes whilst battling alien ships.

Within Descent you’re in charge of a space ship flying through mines and other twisty-turny passages destroying enemies, fulfilling targets and generally ensuring the longevity of your life.
Pretty much everything within the game can be destroyed, including yourself. There are plenty of robots gone bad to take out. If you keep out of the way of their weapons, it’s possible to push them into the scenery and destroy them like that; but if you miss them you could very well end up killing yourself.

Descent II offers above the original over 30 new ships, including improved AI and weapons. A series of bots (guide-bots, taking you through the maze and thief-bots, which steal your weapons and power) have been introduced.
When your favourite weapon runs out of juice, you can set it to switch automatically to your second favourite; then progressing until you’re left only with one lame-ass cannon. A stack of new guns are available, such as the helix and phoenix cannons, and smart mines. Descent II includes numerous environmental improvements, such as better lighting, flowing water, hidden doors and even headlights you can choose to turn on or off. Without some of these changes, you’re flying in darkness – and it’s very difficult.

Unlike its predecessor, Descent II offers multiplayer gaming.


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