Digital Partner

Digital Partner is a game that lets you talk with Digimon, teach them words, and get to know them better and better. Digimon use the words they’ve learned in battles, so the more you teach them, the stronger they become. Players can talk to two Digimon at the same time, and Digimon can talk to each other to expand the scope of conversation.

In addition, with the Digital Monster exclusive adapter (included in Digital Monster Version WonderSwan), monster data from “Digital Monster”, “Digimon Pendulum” and “Digivice” can be stored in “Digital Partner” for battle in “Dee One Grand Prix” mode. There are more than 70 monsters you can play against, most of them from Digimon Adventure and a couple from Digimon Adventure 02.

If you purchased the Pocket Digimon World and Wonder Wave for PlayStation, you could send the data of Digimon you raised to PlayStation via Pocket Station and use those characters in that game.


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