Dizzy: Down the Rapids
Amstrad CPC

Dizzy and Daisy have got themselves lost in the Enchanted Forest while picking berries and ended up beside a river. Hidden in the bushes is Rockwart the Troll and his gang of Henchtrolls who confront the heroes. Floating besides them in the water is an old apple barrel, so jumping in they start a journey down the rapids looking for safety. As they float down the river, Dizzy must avoid various other creatures and obstacles as touching them will lose one of three lives. There are also dragons firing cannons on bridges and mini hurricanes which send Dizzy in another direction. Dizzy can throw apples at the creatures but these are limited but are replenished after dying.

The game is viewed in front of Dizzy at an elevated angle as the screen scrolls vertically when Dizzy moves. Two players can play on screen at the same time but the screen will only scroll when the last player moves.


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