Duel is a fantasy strategy game with a fairly abstract plot that involves a defense of a collapsing kingdom against an onslaught of monsters. The game utilizes the so-called “gocha-kyara” (“mixed-up characters”) gameplay system earlier implemented in Silver Ghost and First Queen by the same developer. However, unlike those games, Duel contains no true role-playing elements and focuses entirely on battles.

The game offers three war scenarios taking place on the same map but distinguished by their difficulty. The player commands multiple teams positioned in different locations on the overview map. While moving from one location to another involves physically navigating the team leader there, the main map movement is turn-based – as soon as the leader of one of the teams reaches the destination, one of the enemy teams will make a move. Whenever a player-controlled team reaches an area occupied by an enemy team (or vice-versa), a real-time battle between the teams will initiate. Soldiers do not level up but are distinguished by various offensive and defensive attributes.


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