Dun Darach
Amstrad CPC

Dun Darach may be the first ever videogame prequel – to Tir Na Nog. As such, it features the warrior Cuchulainn of Muirmethne, in a war against the Conachta. When he and his colleague Loeg meet a beautiful woman named Skar in an inn, they do not suspect that she is a spy, and will kidnap Loeg to the secret city of Dun Darach (the ‘Oak Fort’ in Celtic). Cuchulainn will not stand for this, and sets off to Dun Darach to rescue him. This will involve secondary quests being completed along the way.

The game system is identical to that of Tir Na Nog – a single road of the city is shown at a time, which can be walked along to the left or right. When you come to a junction, the view can be rotated by 90 degree to allow this path to be followed. Gameplay is also similar – sword fights must be won and word-based puzzles solved, although unlike Tir Na Nog you cannot die.

Trade and money management plays a bigger part than before – objects can be offered to, sold to and stolen from others, and you get obtain jobs for money. Watch out for Ryde the policeman – if he finds you with stolen goods, everything you are carrying will be taken. You must also speak to people and enter magic rooms to obtain key information.


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