Dylan Dog: Through The Looking Glass

Dylan Dog: Through The Looking Glass is an Adventure game, developed and published by Simulmondo, which was released in Europe in 1993.

The game takes its title from comic book #10 of the series, ‘Attraverso lo Specchio’ (Through The Looking Glass). The plot is simple: One night, a professor of archeology is murdered by a strange and horrible creature which came out of a mirror in his home. The professor’s daughter decides to hire Dylan Dog to investigate the horrible death of her father. And so the game begins.

The game is a first person point-and-click adventure. Playing is really easy: Left-clicking examines the object which the mouse is pointed at; right-clicking twice followed by a left-click combines two objects, or if both right-clicks are delivered on a single object, interacts with it.

Of all of Simulmondo’s games, Dylan Dog was the only one which was translated into English. Sadly, the translation is very poor quality, and sometimes damages the atmosphere of the game which is otherwise excellent, having been heavily influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft.


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