El Dorado Denki

A young Japanese man receives an unexpected call from his friend Akira in the middle of the night. He hurries to Akira’s house, only to find him dead under unclear circumstances. Checking out his computer files reveals information about his sister, who was allegedly kidnapped. The trail leads to the mysterious land of El Dorado in South America, populated by tribes of Amazonekos (“Amazon cats”), who look like young attractive human females with cat tails. In order to solve the mystery, the hero must find a way to view tattoos adorning various body parts of the young ladies.

El Dorado Denki is a first-person Japanese-style adventure with several distinguishing features. Like most games of the genre, it contains only a few inventory-based tasks, and relies mostly on advancing a linear plot by selecting a verb from a menu and using it on an on-screen object or character. In order to interact with the object, the player must move a square over the screen, placing it on the point of interest in a cursor-like fashion. The game also contains some tile-sliding puzzles and a few instances when the player is required to type commands.


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