Amstrad CPC

Winter has gone and Spring is upon us. To celebrate, the Faerie Queen of Elidon is to be crowned by placing a garland of seven flowers called Finvarra on her head. The only problem is that the flowers have yet to bloom and will be needed by dusk. The only solution is to get seven potions to pour onto each flower but they are scattered all over the land. You are the Faerie tasked to explore the land and find all seven potions.

Elidon is a flick-screen platform game where you control the Faerie. She can walk and fly on each screen but must avoid the nasties and obstacles which drain an energy bar. A wand can also be used to remove the nasties. There are items that can be picked up to help in your quest but you can only carry three items at a time and this includes the potions themselves as well. A joystick or keyboard is used to control the Faerie.


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