Elven Warrior
Amstrad CPC

The Black Witch has been caught and burnt until there was nothing left along with her possessions. An Elf creeps back to the scene and scans the scene to find the legend is true, the book of Immortality cannot be destroyed. Picking up the book, Elf opens it and starts to read the pages….

Elven Warrior is a flick-screen platformer where you play the role of Elf as you explore the land and the underground passages for various bottles of potion to fill a cauldron up. As you search the land there are various creatures that must be avoided or shot with one of various limited weapons that can be found and collected, a long bow, staffs or axes. If you touch a creature then you lose part of a health meter but if you fall into water or touch spikes then this empties the meter and it is game over. On the surface of the land are various doors which take you underground but keys are needed to open them which can be found in various locations. Once you find a bottle then you take it back to the cauldron and this then opens up other parts of the area when full.


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