Emetic Skimmer

1987 saw the release of Emetic Skimmer on the Amiga system. A Shooter game created by Hack and Slay and distributed by Kingsoft GmbH.

In Emetic Skimmer, set in 5354, the first AI has gone rogue and needs to be stopped. It is the player’s duty to use the advanced Emetic Skimmer space ship to put an end to the AI.

But before this can be accomplished, it is necessary to secure all space stations in the AI’s command. This is done by deactivating the station’s protective shield and then destroying the defenses on the inside. The player is mostly engaged with finding the way around the levels, which scroll in four directions, and dodging respectively shooting enemies.

Every level consists of multiple stations which rise in difficulty and complexity over time. When playing with two players, one controls the space ship and the other the weapon systems.


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